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The consulting team helps you with university selection, Supervisor selection, and University admission process. The teams include coalition of experienced educators and administrators with years experience in academic administration and its process, can offer you the highest quality service. Our team is well equipped with information about all the universities and colleges in India and across the globe. Our up to date information includes admission criteria, rate of acceptance, expectations of admission committee, scholarship availability and merits.


Mentor Thesis feels proud to have such an all time enthusiastic, proactive, productive and dedicated researchers working on the requirements of our clients. High quality research outcome is the primary motto of our research team. The research team takes the responsibility of fulfilling the client needs and their objectives. It is the mission constructed by Mentor Thesis that ensures maximum knowledge transfer to the clients and interest to learn from clients. The team provides high-end cooperation to the colleagues, when attempts are made to have a joint effort on research.

Development and Testing

The development processes are carried out in the appropriate programming languages to find the solutions for the problem specified. The development process are carried out by individually or a team. Based on the complexity of the problems the tasks are allocated to an individual or as a team process. Our development team was well acquainted with softwares like Matlab, NS2, NS3, QualNet, Simulink, ANSYS, LabView, Java, Hadoop, Weka, Cloudism Xilinx, Cadence and many others. The team is skilled in understanding pre-developed software by anonymous developers, diagnosing and fixing bugs, testing them and obtaining outcomes as per the requirements of clients.

Quality Assurance

At Mentor Thesis, we take pride in providing superior editing services and delivering quality par excellence. Mentor Thesis’s Quality Team is driven by professional academic experts who understand customer needs, constantly review processes, and adopt innovate practices to surpass current industry standards. We impart the same values to our editing staff through our extensive training and quality check programs .As there are no standards in the editing industry to judge the quality of the edited text, we have developed an in-house Quality Assurance (QA). In our QA model, we determine defects in the edited output by considering the international standards for both journal publication and service description.

Editing and Proofreading

At Mentor Thesis We have specialist Editors ready to edit your paper, all native language English speakers, with a minimum of Masters level education, at the most respected universities. Our team of copy-editors has excellent English language skills along with subject matter. Since they are equipped with both content development and English skills, we can able to correct and edit the document with clear expression and without any grammatical errors. Our proofreaders focus on enhancing your written English by correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. In addition, they rephrase sentences that sound awkward and point out language that is confusing and vague. However, we ensure that our editing will not translate text from another language or edit research content. To enhance the overall clarity and expression,

Publication Support

Our team of experts holds extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for reputed international journals in your field of study. Maximize your chances of publication by letting Mentor Thesis’s Publication team helps you to identify the best suited journals, submit manuscript there and follow-up on the progress of publication. Our expert peer reviewers will provide vital feedback for your manuscript, including:

Customer Relation

Our Client Support Team is here to make the process of getting assistance from Mentor Thesis as smooth as possible. Our client support team has professional customer service agents who have good listening, reading and vocabulary skills that facilitate a cool conversation with our clients. The team cares each and every client with a sense of urgency and provides prominent solution for their issues. It often provides realistic and convincing responses to the clients and keeps them updated about the progress of the project. The team is very particular on avoiding any kind of misunderstanding between our clients and dedicatedly working to clarify such things, if occurs at any cause.